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Lets decode “Be Tvastra”.

“TVASTRA” is the Sanskrit equivalent for the term “Creative”. Hence, “Be Tvastra” = “Be Creative”. Did you notice the BUMBLE BEE on our Logo?

Well, Bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. The ancient Druids saw bee as a symbol of sun.

“Follow the Bee to discover a new Destination” was their motto. Likewise, We, the “Be Tvastra” are going to take our clients on an impeccable “Marketing Journey”. So that they could discover new Destinations and unveil “Never-seen-before” Avenues! In a nutshell, get on board Be Tvastra and embark on an amazing Marketing Journey.

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‘Tvastra’ comes from a Sanskrit word which means creative and just like our name. At Be Tvastra we are committed to provide our clients with unique and out of box ideas. As a digital marketing and designing company in Chennai we believe in the power brands and design carry and how its utmost important for our clients in order to connect with the consumers.

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